Closeted Knitter

Here goes… I’m a knitter. Yup, someone who knits things. And then wears them. OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED!?

Once upon a time, I was a little girl, and I learnt how to knit. I was kind of forced to knit a hat, and I hated it. Because it had a pointy thing in the middle, like a horn sticking out of my head. Project failed. I vowed never to knit again. And especially not ugly things.

Once upon another time, a while later, I was searching for a big dramatic scarf that would wrap around probably the upper half of my body. Big stitches would be nice. I searched far and wide, and no bloody store would sell something like that. Or at least not at a reasonable price for a tiny budget (I was a student). So I googled something like ‘knitting store’, and I dragged myself over to the one store I could find. I bought a set of knitting needles and some yarn (a wool and acrylic mix). And I knitted a big ass scarf. It was a magnificent scarf, big, warm, dramatic. Mission accomplished, and that was it.

But it wasn’t. Next thing I knew I found the coolest little yarn shop, selling loads and loads and loads of yarns. Polyester and acrylic galore, but more importantly: pure wools, cottons, silks! My oh my. My heart went pitter pat! I always looked for 100% natural fibers to wear, and since I’d knitted a scarf, what the bloody hell could stop me from knitting more? Nothing!

I knitted scarfs, hats, and started a legwarmer. I was on a roll! Each year I added more items to my collection, all 100% wool (one 100% silk too). I tried different stitches, and it turned out I could actually knit something. I wasn’t a complete loser with horns on my hats, no! I was for shizzledizzle, man!

Then I decided I would recreate the most awesome vest that I had, but in 100% wool. I think that’s my point of no return. At first the knitting went great. Then summer rolled in and I packed away my vest. Then winter returned and I finished the body. I wore it around the house. An sleeve-less vest was still a vest right? Yeah, I’d keep it at that! It was a bit chilly, and when I passed the awesome yarn shop again, I went in, and I had to buy something. I just had to spend money! I remembered the sleeveless vest and the lack of wool to knit the arms. I bought wool in a contrasting colour and when I returned home, I immediately set out to knit a sleeve. It was a bit of a struggle. Difficult stuff. So when I’d finished the one sleeve, I left it. For more than a year. But then I saw the unfinished vest again, the fine wool and because it was winter, I set out to knit the second sleeve. And finish the vest. The endresult was ok. I don’t particularly love it. The sleeves are off, a bit wonky here and there. But for a first vest, it looks mighty fine!

Finishing a real piece of garment, other than the odd scarf or shawl and the odd hat, gave me purpose. I can really knit something! I’ve learnt from this vest, and I can probably do better next time. I went back to the little yarn shop, found another incredible yarn, and I had to buy it. I thought I’d knit another hat, but when I did and it turned out a different size than I’d imagined, I was disappointed. Suddenly I remembered my favourite winter wear item: a long jumper, it could pass for a tunic or some sort of jumper-dress. That’s something I can recreate! So I headed back to the shop, bought all the remaining yarn. And a few weeks later I have a body and I’m struggling with sleeves again. Crazy world, huh?!

In the mean time I’d found all kinds of cool projects to start. Including crochet-projects. Like Tunisian crochet, that’s cool stuff! Granny square blankets, so cute! And I tried my hands at socks. The socks really helped me remember that I hate knitters. I appreciate the hard work, I do, but please, don’t go out wearing your hand made shit piece of knitwear and expect me to like it. The socks are the worst. Ugh!

But my enthousiasm to improve and do better has skyrocketed, so when I found out that the yearly knitting and crocheting event was held in a few days in my town… I knew I had to go! I planned on not buying too much, only what I needed. And I headed off…

Next episode in the Closeted Knitter: the Knitting and Crocheting Event. OH. MY. GOOOOOOOODDDDD…

(This post has been published at my standard blog, but since I have lots of other things to post about, I thougt I’d create a separate blog about knitting and crocheting)


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