Dinsdag Dilemma

That’s a Tuesday Dilemma for you, I prefer aliteration…

I’ve been knitting a jumper/dress (on which I will elaborate some more, I think of at least two more posts, and that does not include a pattern). And now I’ve come to the last decision. I only need to fix a border, and I’m a bit indecisive about the how, what, and everything.

img_0010-webThis is what I have now*, a long sweater that needs to be joined together on only the last seam (middle front). I need to add a border at the neck and at the bottom. Ant that’s where the choices start.
* Nevermind the picture, it’s terrible. I took it at the last light, and I may have gone overboard editing it. When it’s finished you’ll get better ones. The colourful things are stitch markers.

So the first dilemma is what colour do I do the border in. I have enough of both colours (the black and gold). To help me in my choice I drew it in the photo:

Originally I thought I wouldn’t have enough of the black yarn, so I thought it should have to be the gold. As it turns out, I have left equal amounts of both. Then I though it might be nice to go with colour blocking. But for the sake of choices, I added the black as well. And now I’m not sure about anything anymore…

Then there’s the different options in how to join the it all together…

  • Celtic Lace Join. I like it, I won’t need the corners much, and I have no idea if the yarn is suitable. But it’s currently one of my favourites.
  • Scallop Join. This is actually my real favourite, the only doubt I have is that the yarn I have doesn’t seem at all suitable.
  • Just a simple basic crochet, I don’t really know how or what, but just really easy stitches…

Well, I still have no idea. There’s a few options: putting the project aside for a bit, or just starting off and see what will happen…

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