I talked about projects… well, this is one project. As I told you in my last post, I went to The Event. Which was both horrible and great. Horrible because I could not in the least identify myself with the people that I saw there. Great because I found some great things that I really liked.

For instance I bought 100% merino wool hand dyed yarn. It’s called ‘Vigorous Sport’ (at least, that’s what it says on the label). It’s multicolour and it looks stunning. I was curious what it would knit into. As I told you before, I like big dramatic scarves. Something to duck down into and hide from the cold. And I’d once seen my sister knit a moebius and I couldn’t figure out how that worked. She didn’t tell me, either. So, a few weeks ago I googled it. And I found this great video by Cat Bordhi. I must say I don’t really know who she is, but the video made it seem real simple. And I like that. So, I had to try, I really had to.

Finding the yarn, having the right sized circular needles, and having the need for a bit of a simple side project, I set out… well, set up the stitches for the moebius. Two hundred and fourty stitches, which means that to knit one round, you knit 480 stitches total. But it’s just straight forward stitch, no purl. I like that. And it works really well. The colours of the yarn make it look like some sort of carnival. It’s happy, upbeat and wonderful. Now that I’m over halfway in the project, I wonder if it isn’t a bit too much.

There is some doubt. Maybe even a lot. It includes thoughts that the moebius will look like the failed home crafting project of a limped leprechaun. Those doubts are really stupid and very destructive. There are some other doubts too. And those doubts are that I’m usually a big big fan of very nice, clean and easy (looking) designs. I like my architecture like that, I love my furniture like that, and I hardly have anything else in my wardrobe. Typical Dutch or Scandinavian design is totally my thing. So a straight forward, simple looking jumper (which I will show in another post sometime), that’s my style. A simple, straight forward cowl, my thing. Using unicolour, and two different colours at most, that’s what I do. I can go to work in a black pair of pants, black t-shirt, black shoes, and a pink little vest on top*. Fun, happy, but very very simple, basic and not psychedelic at all.

Yet here I am, knitting a moebius (which is a relatively complicated structure) in a very psychedelic coloured yarn. The only thing simple about it is that I don’t do any fancy pattern stuff. Now that I’m nearing the completion of the project, I have no idea how to wear it. Only with blacks or whites. Or maybe the black with pink vest ensemble I just described. So I worry a bit: is this really me? Do I really like it? And do I really want to do the next project in a similar coloured yarn, but with mohair and silk (a type of kid silk yarn that a lot of collections have). With emphasis on the similarly coloured… meaning just as psychedelic. Do I really?

*To be completely honest: I do wear more colours usually. But I do the black thing with a very bright coloured shirt with a very busy fabric design a lot too. In summer I do a very busy print on my pants, with a simple blue or white shirt. I have loads of crazy shoes. I never every do crazy on crazy on crazy. Or head to toe crazy. I’d get a headache myself, let alone my coworkers and friends…

PS: I have since finished the knitting, but I want to crochet a border along it, to prevent it from curling up. I will add photo’s of the finished product later (probably a lot later).
PPS: I really love love love how my knitting needles (KnitPro Symfonie deluxe) look with the confetti coloured yarn. It was quite matchy matchy, while not intended that way.


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