Old Project

A few years ago I decided I wanted to knit a vest and a scarf. The vest needed a nice border, and since I don’t do what normal people do, I found a nice looking stitch that I thought would be suitable for a border. So I had to try it out. I had bought a beige/green vague coloured yarn for the big vest, and I had bought fuchsia yarn for a scarf. After doing a small trial, I decided I would knit the entire scarf in this stitch. The scarf was finished within a reasonable time and I’ve used it regularly during winter since I’ve finished it. (The vest took considerably longer to finish).

I have no idea what this stitch would be called. I found it in a book, and it’s listed as ‘blueberry stitch’. Probably because it sort of looks like blueberries, mine looks particularly like raspberries. Turns out that it is mostly referred to as Raspberry stitch (video tutorial) or trinity stitch.

The scarf I did is nice and straight, it doesn’t curl up, it’s just like it is. I like that a lot. On the vest, where I used this stitch as the border of the body, but also on the sleeves, it works really nicely as well. I will try to remember to show the vest later.
On the scarf (which was sort of a trial project, getting familiar with knitting this stitch), I made one error, I wanted to join both ends to make a circular scarf. In itself that’s not an error. But the way I did it, made it quite ugly. The thing I took from the scarf was not to repeat that mistake on the sleeves of the vest. And I must say, on the vest it is quite hard to see where the join is (it wasn’t knitted circular, so I had to join).

I must say that in editing the photo’s for this project, I was quite disappointed how it turned out. The first photo looked like there were massive loads of dandruff on the scarf. I actually looked at the scarf, if by some magical error it had dandruff on it that could only be seen through photos. It doesn’t. Not editing the photos a lot, i.e. keeping them quite large, the details and the colours are saved best. Unfortunately, most online photo services won’t allow me to upload photos without the heavy editing (most automatically resize the photo’s to smaller sized files, losing detail in the proces). Almost all services compress the image in such a way that the “dandruff” appears…


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