Jumper / dress

I think it was a year ago when I bought two knitwear jumpers, or tunics, or dresses. I really have no idea what they’re supposed to be called because they are smack dab in the middle of all three I think. I love them tremendously. Really. Nice and warm in winter. When I wear them (with an elastic jegging/tregging or whatchamacallit), I really feel like I’m wearing pyjamas. Which is the best thing. Even better is that I look nice, cool, neat… and, well, dressed. Not pyjamas. So I go to work, or see friends, and I feel fantastic. I’m in a bubble.


So, great stuff, and I wanted more. There is a downside though. I usually try to buy things in 100% natural fibers. I don’t want to add to the plastic soup, but more importantly, I really don’t want to add to the micro plastics in the world. You don’t see it, but there are lots of plastic bits in the sands on all the beaches. Wearing clothes with polyesters, acrylics, polyamids etc in them, adds to the microplastics. Wearing clothes will wear them, tiny bits of the fibers will come off. Washing them will wash away those loose fibers through the sewage. And eventually they’ll turn up at the sea shores. I have no idea if that’s harmfull, but it doesn’t sound harmless to me. So, I try to wear cotton, wool, viscose, linen, or anything else that will not stay between the sands at the beaches for all eternity. Biodegradable fibers, things that fishes (well, plankton more likey) won’t choke on. And I try to look out for organic fibers at that, so that the production of the cottons. The honest truth is: it’s hard. First of all, a lot of the clothes made from biodegradable fibers aren’t really to my taste (they’re ugly). And when they are, they’re crazy expensive. I own vests by Repeat. You don’t buy vests like that everyday. I want to, because I want to wear their clothes all day and all night, it’s amazing and great. But even though I have a great and well paid day job, there’s no way I can afford it.
The two jumpers I bought were only partly natural fibers, but I liked them. And now, a year later, I still like them, and I want more like jumpers like it. Of course, now no one is selling stuff like it anymore, not exactly the way I want the jumper to be though.


So, as it was when I first started knitting (make my own big dramatic scarf, rather than buy something that’s not exactly what I’m looking for): I have once again decided to make it myself. I toyed with the idea for a while, but since my first vest was such a pain, I constantly decided against it. Around the new year I found a great yarn in my favourite shop in the sale bin. It was from my favourite brand, Rowan. And it was part viscose, part mohair. A nice soft, chunky, woolly, cudly yarn. It was on sale, but it was still quite expensive, and I decided to buy four balls. Two in a grey/black shade, and two in a golden shade. I knitted a hat, and I loved how soft it was to the touch. The hat itself was very big, and not stretchy enough. But I had fallen for the yarn. I had to go back to the sales bin, buy all of the remaining Frost yarn (Rowan has discontinued it, such a shame!), and knit something. What could it be? And then the jumper came to mind. They didn’t have enough yarn in one colour to do a jumper, so I had to do stripes. I thought of a cool design with a big dramatic V-neck, and I set to work.


It went superb! All I have to do now is the sleeves, and join everything. including the croceted border. I’m sort of waiting for divine inspiration for that one, because I want it to be nice, but I have no idea how to achieve what I want. Probably because I don’t have a very clear picture in my head. Well… I’ll finish it quicker than the vest, that’s quite sure, and I’ll probably figure it all out.


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