Tunisian Adventure

Around Christmas (of 2016, naturally) I came upon something called Tunisian crocheting. I had no idea what it was, but I happened to have ‘inherited’ a Tunisian crocheting needle from my mother (she gave me all her knitting needles and crocheting hooks a few years ago). I found a description and I tried it. The result was great. I really liked it. It looks like a cross between knitting and weaving, but it is crocheting. I liked the technique and I wanted to do a project with it, learn more than just the basics. Sometimes when I find something new, I want to be coached (as you may have gathered from previous posts, I’m not really coachable, I will go my own way, make my own design, and not follow any pattern, because I tend to think I know better than anyone). I had no idea what you could make with Tunisian crochet. A scarf? A hat? A t-shirt? Wouldn’t that look terrible?

Since I liked it so much and I couldn’t find a good project, I googled it a few times. And somewhere in January I happened upon a CAL. I had no idea what a CAL is. When I found out it stood for Crochet-a-long, it started to make sense. There are also KAL’s, Knit-a-longs. It’s a social thing, where you share your progress online. You join facebook groups. You post pictures to Instagram. Ok, so you might catch my drift here… No way Jose! But to make the blanket you don’t really have to do the social thing. You can be a perfect hermit in your own home, doing your thing, and not join in the Desperate Housewives Online Parade.
This CAL was called ‘Tunisian Adventure‘, it showed some illustrations of a brightly coloured blanket. The CAL meant that you would crochet the blanket over time. Enthused I set out to buy enough Tunisian needles (or are they hooks, I have no idea…). I found the recommended yarns to be a bit expensive, and I thought I’d fix my own. Recently I discoverd Søstrene Grene, they sell quite cheap 100% cotton yarn (€1.73 per ball). Ok, so this is probably far from organic or sustainable. But since the project required thousands of meters of yarn, and my budget is currently not up that kind of investment, I had to make a choice. And I chose the cheapest cotton yarn I could find.

I started in February, because I couldn’t get my ducks in a row before that (i.e. I didn’t have all the right needles). So when I started I was seven weeks behind. Work hard, play hard, and get cracking!


The only thing that I hadn’t realised until after I had started: the project is spread out over 52 weeks. This means that my usual pattern of abandoning all crafts over the summer, will be hard. Or it will seriously damage the project. Usually when I quit, I don’t quit for a day or two, but for weeks or months on end. That means that seven weeks behind at the start could easily turn into being on track by april, and then turn into a 6 month delay because I’m busy doing stuff. Other stuff. And I forget about the blanket, and the pattern is lost, and all hope is lost too, and fuck it, I’ll be spending the rest of my life meditating on a mountain and never knit again…


We’ll see how dramatic the demise of this blanket will be. If it isn’t at all dramatic, I will probably keep you posted! If I don’t keep you posted, it has withered and died, along with all my aspirations in knitting and crocheting…


back of the work

(I realise now that the pictures above don’t make it seem colourful at all… I started with dark gray, so there’s a lot more to come there. The first 10 weeks are all in this colour, so here’s to hoping that I’ll soon show you some colour, apart from the stitch markers! By now I have made the blanket really wonky. The different stitches grow to different sizes and it looks ridiculous… I’ll just keep buggering on, and in the end I’ll probably have a blanket to be proud of, but looks like shit….)


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