What to do?

Pffff… All my time is consumed by the Tunisian blanket. I’m starting to dislike it more and more. For one, it looks wonky, and I’m not really confident that it will improve. It’s only getting worse and worse. Secondly, I want to do other things. But I feel like if I slack on the Tunisian project, it will be lost forever and I won’t finish it at all. And I’m set on persevering… If not for having a finished blanket, then for the sake of finishing something. Doing a year long project and actually seeing it through.

I’m not good with long projects, that require daily action. A diary for instance. I love it, I love writing in it, I love reading in it. But not everyday. Something like twice a year maybe some more. But definitely not everyday! I once found a sketch book that looked like a great project. It’s title was A Sketch A Day, or something like that. There were different sized boxes, with different captions in it. 365 of them. I started out great, I skipped only a day a week or so, and I could keep up. It lasted something like two months. I ran out of fun things to draw. I ran out of will to spend time on sketching. And I ran out of will to live in the end as well. The book now sits on my bookshelf. Waiting for better days. Or not. Who cares.

The Tunisian blanket is probably going to meet a similar fate. If I don’t slack on the project, I’ll get bored. In fact… I already am. For one, I have a three week holiday coming up, and I am already coming up with excuses. One: I don’t want to bring a big project like this. I do want to bring a project along, but something relatively small. Plus, I want a possible project to be simple, no difficult patterns, no counting stitches, no wrestling with stupid threads, needles etc. I have different options and I’m not sure which one to choose.
– First option: The Tunisian Blanket. For reasons of it being difficult, complicated it’s already failed the test. It’s not coming.
– Second option: A Tiny Sock. I bought HiyaHiya circular needles of 23cm. I read that you could get used to the tiny size of the needles. I’ve tried. And I am nowhere neer getting used to it. My hands cramp within seconds. For reasons of it not being relaxing at all, I’m probably not bringing this. Plus, for the yarn I had in mind I have the wrong size needles (too small).
– Third option: A Tunisian Bath Mat. I’ll soon have a very new and shiny and cool and amazing and wonderful and… OH MY GOD IT’S BRILLIANT! – bathroom. In the blanket there was a cool stitch that seemed perfect for a bathmat. So, what if I would bring a bit more chunky yarn, and then crochet a bathmat out of it on holiday? Wouldn’t that be cool? I’m really warming up to the idea. I’m actually looking for yarn in the next few days. Oh god.
– Fourth Option: bring nothing. Get out of the daily rhythm of knitting or crocheting. Sure way to stop the Tunisian Blanket before time. Having it meet its demise sooner. I don’t know. I also don’t really want to lose some of my cool crocheting needles to overreacting airport security (you’re allowed to bring crocheting or knitting needles, even circular ones with a cable). Maybe I really should stick to a good read instead…


2 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. To be honest you seem so confused and you made me so…LOL! But doing a Bath math seems a great option. Long projects are always boring and you lose the interest in finishing up with it! So you can try out the bathroom mat and try different stitches than the tunisian one.. whether it is the loop stitch, pompom, or whatever, just try out something different! Goodluck!


    • Thanks for your reply! I was very confused at the time. In the end I opted for the bathmat, and have in the meantime finished it. It took me much longer than I anticipated, but I loved that it was just one stitch, no pattern drama, etc. Just a bit of simple work to get my mind of other things, love that!


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