I like to knit. I learnt it when I was a kid, I don’t know, maybe seven? My mum would knit, my sister would knit, so naturally I learnt it too. I had only failed projects as a kid, so I never knit again (I thought it was extremely stupid for years). Until one faithful winter (around 2010 I think), I wanted a very specific scarf and no shop in the world would sell it. Angered by their lack of insight in my wishes, I decided I would knit it myself. It sort of failed (it didn’t turn out the way I wanted), but it was warm, cozy and nice. So I knitted more. And more, and more.

I usually don’t knit or crochet during summer. It’s too hot anyway. Sometimes during winter I start again, sometimes not really. In 2017 I caught on fire. I started in a blazing fury of knitting, crocheting, and… spool knitting. God knows when the blaze dies down, or when someone pours water over me. Until then I’ll probably knit and crochet instead of lots of other stuff I should be doing…

The closeted part refers to the fact that I’m not in a hobby club. And I probably never will be. I hate other knitters, they have no talent and they’re stupid. Not really, but that’s what they probably think of me (not really), so I won’t join their stupid club. And because I always want to feel free to quit at any moment, and buy my clothes in stupid shops that don’t sell exactly what I want. Until that frustrates me to no end again and I will knit it myself. It seems like a never ending cycle!